Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inner Journey

It is the determination that takes you the destination and not the vehicle. On a lovely weekend it was privilege to go out on a tour. Not in search of peace, not to forget the stress but to find a life. After cutting half a distance a feeling of happiness arrived don't know from where. It is always a different world when you find yourself on the roads without a man. Then you are gifted with the inner journey.

The greenery and the mountains penetrate in your eyes to give a divine happiness. The silence of the villages is killing. The every house watched was an attractive one and was calling for a stay for a long long time. Even the slums make you feel comfortable in the journey.

Slums can take you to Oscars mind you, it has always been the underprivileged and slums which have made rich to many when it comes to films- a thought came. The slums don't byte you unlike shopping malls which gets on to you when your shopping is over. Life should not be spent in shopping malls on weekends, it doesn't take you longer. The sight of women carrying their pots for water make you feel it isn't the bad life we are having.

Life has so much to offer; we only come to know when we travel. The sound of an air is far more better than the fingers hitting key board and a mouse scroll. It was refreshing to have a breakfast in the end of a journey followed by a tea. It was incredible to know that all this happened in the journey of two hours.

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shrikant said...

superb....many of us experienced this great inner journey...but u not only feel it but can express creatively...grt keep it up..very much impressed.