Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Glories of Radha Kunda

If ever, there is any great place than “Vaikuntha” then that is Mathura, as lord Krishna descended himself in Mathura but Vrindavan is better than Mathura as Krishna performed Ras lila in Vrindavan and Govardhan is even better than Vrindavan as Krishna lifted Govardhan with his transcendental hand and even better than Govardhan is the kund which is filled with love of Krishna.

Srila Rupa Goswami tells why Radha kunda is great. It is great because it is made by Radha rani the queen of vrindavan. Radha rani who is Param Alhadini shakti of Krishna rules onKrishna. Radha rani can make Krishna smile and cry; she is the Guru of Krishna. Gopis loved Krishna unconditionally and amongst all gopis Radha Rani was the greatest as she had the Mahabhav to love Krishna.

You never make a friendship with a person who is not better than yourself; you always look up to a person who is by all means better than you. Krishna would request Radha rani to be a part of Ras Lila as it would not have been possible without her. Even the great Laxmi can not be a part of Ras lila because of her opulence.

Krishna himself admitted that he will never be able to pay the debt of Gopis because of what they did for Krishna. Gopi’s left their husbands, brothers, relatives and even sons for Krishnaand then why wouldn’t be that place will be great if it is made by them.

Once Krishna killed the demon named Vrishabh Arishtasur, the demon came in a form of a bull and bull is the husband of holy cow, thus Gopis objected on Krishna that he is killed the bull and he needs to purify himself now. Krishna immediately called all the Tirtha’s and made “Sham kunda”to have bath in it. Well, the obligation came on Gopis as they objected onKrishna the supreme Godhead. It was now necessary for them to purify themselves in a similar kunda and thus Gopis dug Kunda by their bangles and created Radha Kunda.

Srila Rupa Goswami in his Updeshamrit says” even for a once if somebody has a bath in the Radha Kunda, immediately he will be blessed with pure love of Krishna. Moreover the merciful Radha rani gives special attention to the devotees who have bath in Radha kunda.

Krishna has called the whole world a miserable place; he has repeated it in 8th and 9thchapter of Bhagwat Geeta saying that this world is “Dukhalayam” and not good enough for honest people to live in it.
However, this does not apply to devotees who stay near Radha kunda. Vrindavan does not entertain emotions & feelings like agony, anguish, depression. These mental states of mind don’t exist in Vrindavan and in Radha kunda. The moment you enter to Radha kund you will feel secured in the hands of Radha rani and ecstatic like never before.

Purity is the word, even demi-gods would not dare to look in the eyes of people who are staying near Radha kunda and chanting the glories of Radha Krishna. If anybody in the world knows how to please Krishna, she is none but the queen of Vrindavan Radha rani, if you pray her she will help you to please Krishna. And finally about Radha Kunda- one poet has rightly said that “Mehboob ki har chij mehboob hoti hai”.

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