Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spiritual coaching

A solider fights organized and a known battle. Many times, solider knows the strength, size and the plan of his country’s enemy. Be it the war of land, air or marine, the military establishment trains a soldier in his field of expertise. Can you send an untrained solider on a battle field? Rigorous training is required to achieve the desire victory?
Sports stars have their gym trainer and a team of coaches who prepare them for earning medals. Film stars who have earned name, fame and money? They have their personal fitness trainer, dietician and the directors who prepare them for a role, what it brings to them? A short lived name, fame and money you can say which brings about temporary happiness!! Everything becomes invalid as the time progresses.
A sport star and a film star in order to get success in life put so much effort but why we don’t see those who are religious are less inclined towards training and coaching? A devotional pleasure is much more sublime and higher as compared to anything else.
A soldier’s example was given to prove one point. A soldier knows his enemy but some of those who are new on the path of devotion don’t. That which disturbs the progress of a devotee is the anarthas he carries within. Lust, greed, anger, hatred, envy and false ego these are hidden enemies of a human being since his existence. Everybody knows it? Then why we in news papers invariably see crimes happening due to influence of these hidden enemies? If a solider is given training to fight a war, devotees also require massive training to win a war against Maya. Lust, greed, anger these are the main tendencies of Kaliyuga and fierce weapon of maya which is literally harassing every individual who is not Krsna conscious. The mode of passion and ignorance makes us do sins after sins and we have no control over it. Only one way is prescribed to fight this degradation of a soul - Spiritual Coaching.
  1. If there is intense desire in you to improve your behaviour
  2. If you have decided that you are not going to be the devotee of your senses
  3. If you have decided that you want to achieve transcendental qualities such as humility
  4. If you have decided that you want to cross the stage of anartha nivrutti
  5. If you have decided you want to improve your sadhana
  6. Then it is time for you to search for a spiritual coach
  • Somebody who is totally attached to Krsna and fully krsna conscious- self-realized soul
How we know if a coach is fully Krsna conscious? Well, he will not waste time when you meet him and immediately he will glorify the devotional service and bring on the topics of Krsna and his devotees. Yes, pure devotees whenever they get opportunity to speak,they start speaking about Krsna, Gita, Bhagwatam, Ramayan, Krsna’s qualities and about krsna’s beloved Vrindavan.
  1. Somebody who is well-qualified and expert in all shashtras
  2. Somebody who is man of his word- follows what he says and not a “Mithya-chari” (fake)
  3. Somebody who loves chanting the name of lord
  4. Somebody who is lovable -just not a dry philosopher & full of love & enthusiasm
  5. Somebody who is from the proper disciplic succession or a sampraday

Result of spiritual coaching? : The association of self realized soul makes your life less difficult and more peaceful. In the fifth chapter of Bhagwat Geeta Krsna says” A self realized soul receives unlimited happiness, he enjoys the pleasure within”. For those who want to have ecstatic, calm and a peaceful happy life, Spiritual coaching is the best way. Remember- A devotional pleasure is much more sublime and higher as compared to anything else.

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