Friday, December 30, 2011

I lost my heart in Vrindavan

 In the Journey of life, many times I came across situations where I felt that there should have been a place, where I can relax, feel calm, cool and ecstatic.  The place which can mesmerize me and make me forget all pains of life. In fact, each troubled soul is looking for such a peaceful destination.  ONE DAY I GOT IT

It is Vrindavan. Going to this sacred place will give you all the peace in the world. Vrindavan is a wine which intoxicates you forever. I repeat, forever. The place is filled with pure love of Krishna and pure devotion of gopis and the miracle is, you feel that love every moment you walk in Vrindavan.

Every moment you feel the existence of Krishna in the atmosphere of Vrindavan . Krishna is the only god who can make you eternally happy. Only Krishna is capable of breaking your attachments with the world. In Vrindavan, You will see how Krishna has made his devotees mad after him. Initially I was not convinced of how people can leave everything for Krishna, now after visiting Vrindavan I feel Krishna is worth leaving others for. Life is not the same, ever since I came back from Vrindavan. You can not enter in Vrindavan without the mercy of Radha rani the queen of Vrindavan, I was lucky to be there. I have heard and sung so many Krishna songs, heard so many Bhagwath Katha's, read so many Krishna stories after visiting Vrindavan. That is the mercy of Krishna.

Vrindavan is not a place; it is heaven on the earth, I think heaven will be a small word in comparison. Vrindavan is a culture in itself. If you do not have Vrindavan in life, then there is nothing in your life.

Vrindavan is a place of intense and immaculate love for Krishna. The culture of Vrindavan is to be in Krishna consciousness all the time. You walk on the road, you read "Jay shri Radhe Krishna" written on the walls, you see devotees chanting Maha mantra everywhere, you hear krishna bhajans everywhere you go. Let me call it: Vrindavanism.

The banks of Yamuna River, peacocks and beautiful temples make Vrindavan the most wonderful place in the world. Watching Yamuna is an experience in itself.  I felt as if I am watching goddess. You will see devotees sitting in front of Krishna deity chanting and singing Krishna bhajans. The devotion of devotees in Vrindavan is ineffable. You will see all types of the best devotees of Krishna in Vrindavan. When I was in Barsana I saw devotees worshiping Krishna in gopi Bhav, dressed ditto like gopi. One devotee was continuously looking at the picture of Radha krishna, One devotee was playing five instruments at a time to please Krishna. This is just an example. Like this, there are uncountable devotees in Vrindavan, who have kicked the wealth of Billions just for Krishna.

My love goes to Lord Shiva who also needed Vrindavan in his life. Lord Shiva turned himself into the form of Gopi to be in Ras lila performed by Krishna the supreme Godhead. How many of us can forget our ego of being man and woman and do what he did?. Similarly we should try harder to be in Vrindavan culture, if we are not in Vrindavan.

The aim of life should be to be in Vrindavan. The permanent goal of life should be to have Vrindavanism in life . After all this if you see "Banke Bihari" you will miss him all the time. This tour is life turning tour of my life. I lost my heart in Vrindavan

" Ham delhi bhi ho aaye hai..Lahore bhi ghume hai "
" Ae yaar magar teri gali...Teri gali hai ".

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Unknown said...

Very nicely written....feeling like crying....Jay Shree Radhe.

Vipluv said...
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Vipluv said...

Your words here are directly from your soul that now resides in Vrindavan. Vrindavan is indeed a mesmerising experience! Many visit Vrindavan just like another picnic spot or a weekend destination but only few reaches to the spiritual depth and mystical experience of this divine place.

Unknown said...

I also had the same feeling in vrindavan

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