Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crime and Religion

According to the new report Published by Praja Foundation; There has been tremendous rise in the crime rate in Maharashtra, particularly in Mumbai. The numbers have increased remarkably since 2010 and 2011.

Though the reports talks about how there is staff crunch in the State Police department; that is half truth only. The real problem is not that police men are short the truth is crime is directly proportional to in- activeness of honest, spiritual and righteous people in the society. The Crime is going to rise. It has never stopped and never will. God took ten avatars to stop it but it never ceased to happen. In Varah Avatar lord killed Hiranyaksh..in Narsinh Avatar he killed Hirankashyapu and in Ram Avatar he killed Ravan and his army and in Krishna Avatar he was attacked by demons right from his childhood and in Buddha Avatar he subdued people like Angulimal.

If you read 12th Canto of Shrimad Bhagwatam there is entire list of the characteristics of Kaliyug. It says people are bound to be restless and full of lust and anger in this age. The truth is "Yada Yada hi dharamsya glanirbhavati bharat".(4.7 & 4.8 BG) God accepts here that It is going to get worse and when it gets worse he descends himself in this miserable world. There is surely dearth of saints and people who follow saints in this society. God did not create temples and churches for business and time pass. God knew that the world will be involved in sinful activities without him. You go to the best temple you like..look at the god..you experience no anger..no lust no greed and that is what saves you from being a criminal.

The pure devotees of lord always direct you towards the lotus feet of Krishna. Hanuman introduced Sugreev and Vibhishan to Ram and they went back to godhead. Narada transformed killer Valmiki into sage Valmiki rishi, he saved lot of people from being a criminal. Ramdas swami the guru of Shivaji Maharajafter twelve year of rigorous Tapasya concluded that "Mana sajjana bhakti panthe chi jave" meaning one should always engaged his heart in devotional service of a lord and we people avoid this final words of such a great saint who saw lord Rama twice in his life.

The founder of International society of Krishna Consciousness Srila Prabhupda converted drug addicts hippies into a devotees of Lord Krishna. They say He who opens a school closes a prison then why those all world leaders are going to Jail and getting involved in scandals, are they not qualified?

People crucified Jesus and he still said "Oh god please forgive them they don't know what they are doing". We have Bhagwat Geeta and Shrimat Bhagwatam in the form lord with us, all we have to do is spread it. The great saints in the world say I have done my part...What about you?

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