Friday, September 2, 2011

Uddhava-The fourth devotee

Pitamaha Bhishma and Uddhava had one thing in common, they were Guru Bandhus. The Bright students of Raj Purohit Brihaspati have great importance in life of Krishna. Similarly if there has to be calculation of Pitamaha Bhishma and Uddhava’s life, Krishna was their biggest achievement. It is so very important in life to have an ideal Guru as all Brihaspati students ranked at the top in Krishna’s list. Especially the Uddhava, who started worshipping Krishna since his childhood, He would make Krishna’s deity, offer puja to Krishna when he was 5. Though they shared a relation in between them; their relation was way beyond understanding.

One thing was sure about Uddhava that he was never counted as distressed, the desirer of wealth, Inquisitive kind of a devotee. He was always the fourth devotee, the one who searches the knowledge of absolute. According to Bhagwat Geeta 7.16 and 7.17, Uddhava, right from the beginning was situated in the knowledge and Krishna says such a devotee is dear to me.

When Krishna thought Uddhava must have taste and essence of pure devotion, he sent Uddhava to Braj and showed him that it’s not knowledge alone that wins him it’s the love. Brajvasis never worshipped Krishna as a creator and a destroyer of the world. For them Krishna was their own property, they sat on his head, they teased him and they fought with him.

Going to Braj changed his vision and changed the vision of whom? Uddhava who would have lunch& dinner with Krishna, who would eat whatever Krishna left in his plate, who would wear Krishna’s out of use Clothes and Garlands. Just By eating remaining food from Sages plate, Dev Rishi Narad became such a big devotee. Here Krishna would make Uddhava sit right next to him. He would consider Uddhava’s suggestions.

Not many people knew about Krishna's Rasleela, Krishna would share all his secrets with Uddhava only, Krishna took him to Kubja’s place also. Krishna’s love for one of the Ashtavasu Uddhava was ineffable. At times Krishna waited for Uddhava to come to meet him, moreover he sent Rukhmini to call Uddhava and he would send Rukhmini away when Uddhava was around.

When Krishna decided to head towards his abode, Uddhava insisted Krishna to take him to Vaikunth and then Krishna gave the knowledge to Uddhava of how to attain him and how one must worship Krishna which is there in 11th Canto of Shrimat Bhagwatam.

One thing is for sure, we may be distressed or desirer of the wealth kind of devotees but for us, aim is to be the fourth devotee.


Maral Alimova said...

Hare Krishna! Nice! But we use knowledge in order to preach, it is also not bad.

Aniruddha sowale said...

HK..Just by reading about Uddhava we can get krishna's blessings. We dont do anything..Krishna is the only doer..Who are we to preach?