Saturday, November 1, 2008

My conversation with god

Gone are the days when ....

Unknown voice: "wait wait wait, Aniruddha, it sounds too bookish line to start with. Do something different"

Aniruddha: " Hang on, may I know who are you, and why you want me to do different things"

Unknown voice: " I am a Bihari fellow you know and the world knows from long long time"

Aniruddha: "Hey you are Bihari, what are you doing in Maharashtra then, you should be catching your train to UP and Bihar, Train- That is what you own right"

Unknown voice: "Hahaha, son I am not what you are thinking, I am Kunj-Bihari, The lord Srikrishna"

Aniruddha: " What"??

The lord: " Hahaha you want me to leave your place now?

Aniruddha: " No No", but you know what is happening these days between Marathis and Biharis

The lord: These Maharashtra and UP fights are not new for me, When I did "Rukhmini haran", some people from Vidarbha were against me

The Lord:"But this happens and will keep happening. In our times, People from same state would fight, Kaurav and Pandavs were from Hastinapur. They were cousins. People would fight for position and power in those days too. In Ramayana, Sugreev and Bali both brothers were fighting, arjun had to fight with his uncles and cousins"

Aniruddha:" Ya now they fight over Language"

The lord:"It is good to be proud of your language but you should look around and see, the whole world is learning Foreign langauges, The Chinese, Japanese,French and German people made world learn their languages. They develope their websites in their language. Tell me who is learning your language"?

Aniruddha: " you are right, but now I can not come to Mathura, Vrindawan"

The Lord:" It will take time, in past some leaders of Maharashtra were against South Indians, things change. In future it can be against Gujratis, Marwadis, Punjabis"

The Lord:"ok son, I will leave now, you continue

Gone are the days when Maharashtrians would support Bihari, yes " Ab ki bari atal bihari" one more leader whom we love. I believe good men are good anywhere. It was good to see UP and Bihari leaders coming together but it would have been better to see them coming together when Tata didn't even think of going to UP and Bihar. That would have stopped many UP and Biharis from going to mumbai. Instead of doing politics leaders of Maharashtra and UP, Bihar should bring MN Cs to their states. Divided India will always be a weak India, Britishers knew it and used it to the full effect.

See the biggest irony of the time Raj thakre who is against Yadavs stays in house named

" Krishna-Kunj"
Something which supports my article

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