Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hi Friends,

Love and passion are the words I will associate myself with my writing. The reason for me to start blog writing is to write my opinion about social and current issues ( thats how stupid i was in 2008, was writing on bogus issues) or it may be something that is touching our lives. It will surely be on the things I love like

  • Cricket

  • Movies

  • Social issue
Overall you will get to know me and my thoughts bit better.

With lots n lots of love

Aniruddha Sowale

Disclaimer: I mean no offense to anyone who is reading my portal, I am not here to hurt anybody. Its entierly possibile that some patch of any of my articles would peep into someone else's life; Please correct me if so.


Sandip said...

Hi Aniruddha,
Glad to read you.
But there are few things on which I would like to give my mind."Behave like Romans when you are in Rome" but my question is why should we, the indian, should expect to be romans in Rome and why not make Romans to behave like us.This seems to be quite assertive but dont you feel that one should not be driven by people.Because one has some identity and he should be able guard it at any cost. Otherwise at the end of his life one would just grapple with what is my true identity?

Each individual is different and if begins to behave like some one else then he will defeat the very purpose of his existence and end up with just a photo copy.Isn't it?

You were talking about you should be expert in some subject and rightly so. You were talking about problems. By being expert in some subject,will it be possible to solve the problem ( I am doubtful we are really able to understand the problem).

I would like to resume this conversation. I hope that it will lead to some conclusion.



Aniruddha sowale said...

Well thanks very much sandip for your comment , what I meant when i said when in rome do as romans do is when your in mumbai, you have follow some rules, some kind of discipline, specially at the ques, Ihave seen lot of incoming crowd of up and bihar do not follow this que system , they break the rules thats why i said they should follow the mumbai crowd in maintaining ques and all , in mumbai do as mumbaians do I just used this phrase of romans as in order to win hearts of the people where you are going , you should do the things they like and which are mandatory as well

I also liked your point of being expert in something, what i meant here is , you can not rely on leaders for your job and that is why you have to be good in something which will fetch you some kind of job

Sandip said...

Hi Aniruddha,
Apologies for being in misconception. In fact I think 50% of the problems arise just because of misconception. Anyway, now I think I am able catch up with your frequency.
I am here in London. All the things are as it they are disciplined in one or the other way. But don’t you think that too much of discipline makes the man machine.
And I think we all are heading towards the same. Is this the thing which we are really in need of?
Standing in a queue, making a reservation in advance, doing a course so as to garner a job and many more are to some extent the things which are not natural. It appears as if we are trying to make our future static (I am doubtful are we really capable enough to arrange for the future since we can not even predict the next moment).
To some extent this discussion seems of the track but this is what I think about this so called discipline.
As you said we should not follow leaders, but when you observe minutely you will find we are in some or the other way following some one else. But the only difference is we follow those by following whom you will be able to establish the way you want.
So when I use the word follow, it seems to me as if I want to be machine not human being. When you say a rule following comes first.


Aniruddha sowale said...

Sandy my friend,

Without wasting anytime, You should start writing blog, you have lot of potential to be a great writer , you can contribute to the society but your words of wisdom think about it, we can go on and on discussing on my blog which is nice